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Monday, October 25, 2004

Nine More Reasons to Vote for Kerry

Aside from all the other critical issues facing America's future, the next President's power of appointment to The Supreme Court hangs heavy over this election, with Justice Rehnqusit's cancer disclosure. Odds are, based on the current court makeup that up to four Justices could retire and need replacement within the next four years. Who would make the better appointments?

John Paul Stevens, age 84

William Rehnqusit, age 80. Currently hospitalized for thyroid cancer.

Sandra Day O'Connor, age 74. Cancer survivor.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, age 71. Cancer survivor.

Antonin Scalia, age 68

Anthony Kennedy, age 68

Stephen Breyer, age 66

David Souter, age 65

Clarence Thomas, age 56


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