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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Papers, Polls and Such

Well, if newspaper editors could vote, as Chick used to say, this thing would be in the refrigerator, with the door closed, the lights off, the eggs cooling and the butter getting hard. Unfortunately it’s not going to be that easy. I have to confess, after Kerry swept the debates 3 to 0, I thought the fridge had closed as well. Recent polls, however, suggest that Bush may be staging at least some resurgence (sort of like those insurgent types in Iraq–they just don’t seem to die).

My feeling on polls, is one of mass confusion. They have been volatile all political season, at least the post-primary polls. I've already posted what I think are two links to credible daily polling information, which I'll repost here as well. They take a daily pulse on all polls across the country, and filter them through an electoral college projection; however, it has swung from Bush to Kerry, and may go back again.

My hope is that that these recent polls are nonsense and that Americans all over this country who have not voted in years and have not been captured in the "likely voter" net will be moved in mass to institute our own regime change. It is just inconceivable that America would re-hire George Bush after he has squandered the surplus he inherited, tortured the truth to invade a sovereign, country, that had not threatened or killed American citizens, alienated our most traditional allies, and sent thousands of innocent people to their deaths, all because he can’t admit even one mistake in the face of overwhelming evidence and reality to the contrary. This last link is to the New York Times Magazine article (a must read) Without a Doubt, by Ron Suskind. If you are a thoughtful and praying individual, now is the time both to think and pray.


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