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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Back Bloggin'

I took a sabatical for some time. Right after my last post (within a few days), my dad had a severe stroke, which resulted in me and my family, spending a great deal of time helping him and my mom in the recovery. He is doing much better now; however, he still has a way to go in his recovery. It was good to spend more time with my family, including my sister and brother during the days and weeks that followed. It certainly gave me some perspective on what things were important, particularly in light of all my ranting about the election up to and after the election. In any event, I'm going to try to catch up a bit, and then get up todate on things.

During all of November, each weekend we would travel south to Southern California where my parents live and spend time helping with dad's recovery. It was actually a nice break from our regular routine, and an opportunity to renew a closer relationship with our extended family. We spent Thanksgiving day at my parents' home, and then also had Thanksgiving dinner with dad in the hospital as well, which I think helped him in his recovery.

I've only got a few minutes this morning, so I'm going to run...but will try and catch up bit by bit over the next few days and weeks, to finish off the rest of last year, and catch up with this new one, already nearly a month old now.


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