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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Trials of December '04

In my effort to resume some semblance of continuity, I'll try to catch up all of December, in a single post. I spent most of it in trial, representing the surviving family members of a young man killed in a horrific traffic accident a couple of years back. I was co-counsel with a San Luis firm, which represented most of the surviving family members of the seven young men who died in this accident. My particular clients above, are Cirilo and Gregoria Hernandez. They are in the top row, center. Cirilo is in the blue shirt and black jacket, and Gregoria, his wife next to him in the black jacket. They were the surviving parents of Simitrio Perez Hernandez.

Also pictured from left to right, top row are Bernarda and Panteleon. At the far right, is Silvia. Bottom row is Susan, paralegal extra ordinaire, Julie from the audio visual team, and of course yours truly--who took a pretty poor picture as I'm all bleached out from the sun. Well, next time a better photo.

Long story short, is that the trial lasted most of December, from 12/6/04 through 12/30/04. The jury found negligence on the defendant; however, they did not find the negligence to be a substantial factor in causing the deaths of the seven young men. It was a hard fought battle, and in my opinion tried by the best lawyers on both sides, in any case, in which I have been a part. Of course we wish the verdict had turned out differently; however, the trial experience itself was worth a lifetime of legal practice.

As I pondered the case, both during and now after trial I couldn't help but think about how some under the guise of political dogma (read tort reform) would deny individuals such as this, any chance of recourse to the judicial system. But, that is a topic for another post, one I intend to make in the not too distant future.

Since I was in trial for most of December, Christmas was hectic; however, Dad came home from the hospital just a couple of days before Christmas, and it was good to have most of the family together down south of the celebration. More later.


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