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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Brian Head, UT II

While at Brian Head we stopped by the Family cabin to check on a few things. My parents basically built this cabin in the 1990's with help from family members and friends. Lot's and lot's of fun times here. Most Thanksgivings we would spend here, with the snow and cold--great skiing though if the snow and weather cooperated. The thick wooded area around the entire mountain is a stark contrast much of the rest of the world.

This is the spot where we would normally pose for Christmas card photos; however, since there isn't any snow in August, perhaps this year's card will be a green Christmas card. The babe here of course is my wife Daphne, and Ryan our oldest, and youngest (only child you see). And rounding out the crew are our two Westies, Simon and Garfunkel.

The neighborhoods up at Brian Head are much different from those in most. All in all, it's not a bad place to visit. Though, living there throughout the winter requires a bit of stamina. It's much more hospitable climate in the summer.

Brian Head peak's elevation is 11,000 feet, and you can feel every one of them when you are at the top. You are actually just at or above the timberline at that elevation. The air is very thin, and catching your breath at that altitude is much different than at sea level where I live. On this day a rather large thunderstorm was blowing in just as we were heading down the hill. We hit some of it as we went down. The storm was so fierce it hailed so hard I couldn't see out the windshield with the wipers on full blast.

Just outside Brian Head is Cedar Breaks National Monument. Since the storm moved in so quickly we didn't get a close up shot, so this will have to do; however, its beauty is beyond description.

The unsually wet winter brought out a larger than usual crop of wild flowers which fill the meadows. And the meadows and bigger, longer, and wider than most I've seen anywhere.

I was tempted to let our Westies out loose in some of these meadows; however, being the terriers that they are, there was a good chance I'd not be able to catch them again for hours. And, I'm too old, and they're too fast to play tag with them in meadows this size.


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