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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Protesters are Patriots Too!

Protesters greeted Mr. Bush upon his arrival in Salt Lake City. I bet you didn't think such people existed in Salt Lake City; however, as you can see there is a rather healthy anti war movement there, led by none other than Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Protest, of course, is the foundation of the First Amendment, and is a bedrock of our own's nation's history. See Thomas Jefferson's ideas on protest enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, this right, guaranteed by the First Amendment is all but lost on Mr. Bush, who yesterday proclaimed that those who protest his war in Iraq don't want the United States to win the war on terror. I'm sorry Mr. President, but that's not how it works in our country. Yes, this country belongs to those of us who do not buy into your war policies in Iraq. It is as much our country as yours and even those who support you. And, we who disagree and speak out against the lunacy in Iraq, are no less American than anyone else, including you.

The war in Iraq was never about the war on terror. Iraq is only a terrorist state today because of your ill advised invasion and war. You don't get to be a war time president, because you invented the war which so classifies you. Stop denigrating good and decent Americans everywhere just because they don't happen to agree with you! And, some of those who don't agree with Mr. Bush, include a growing number of conservative thinkers, leaders, and commentators. See here, here, and also here for just a small sample.


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