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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thunder Over The Valley II

Our scout troop, 432 attended the Santa Maria Thunder Over the Valley Air Show on 8/27/05 at the Santa Maria Airport, and it was all it promised to be. I'll try to post some of the better shots I took--some were better than others. I don't know the names and types of aircraft we saw, except for one, so I'm sorry I won't have proper names--but it was a great deal of fun regardless. This first sequence shows one of the several model planes that flew. They were actually quite large, as you can see. They can fly up to speeds of 90 mph--though for the stunts they were doing at the show it was likely much slower. These models were expensive, up to $4,000 or even more. The good news, though is that this particular spiral didn't end in a crash!

In addition to the models there were several real vintage and current planes. Most of them were World War 2 planes; however, there were also some active military air craft, including some helicopters.

For the most part, the planes at this show were the older vintage models. Though they were older, but each one was different in its purpose and branch of service.

Saturday was beautiful weather. As is customary on the Central Coast many days, particularly in summer, start of with a cloud cover, and it burns off later in the day; however, Saturday morming started off right away with clear, blue, sunny skies, from the moment we walked onto the airfield. In fact, sunscreen was the order of the day, as was lots of liquids.

The orange helicopter is a French designed, but American built aircraft that the Coast Guard uses. Interestingly, despite what most Americans feel about the French, the Coast Guard officer with whom I spoke indicated that the design was actually quite good. He also said that the engine was very good, as were many French designed engines.


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