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Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Four Years Later

As we remember, let us also reflect. Just where are we fours years post 9/11, and four years into what Mr. Bush calls the war on terror. First stop, two articles in the September 11, 2005 Sunday New York times Magazine. The first article, entitled Lost at Tora Bora, is an insightful recap of one of Mr. Bush's greatest failures in his self-proclaimed war on terror.


Blogger Harlan said...

I was standing there in front of the tube that morning like the rest of the world watching those giant structures disintegrate to powder as if on a signal. As an engineer, I cannot explain what we saw. The roof and upper structures fell at freefall speed as if suddenly there was nothing below. The official gravity-only "pancaking" explaination is patent nonsense. So what do we have as the nexus for all the warmaking since? Was this event really pulled off by Osama from his cave...or was it some kind of ultra high-tech inside job? This question really bothers this writer.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Hi Harlan, Good question. The only problem is Bush seems to have lost his way post 9/11 with his obsession with Iraq and the Middle East. He is literalluy wasting the life blood of our brave young men and women in the armed services. I wish he would pancake down, or go live in a cave.

5:19 AM  

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