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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina's Political Storm Rages

A fascinating article appears in Today's Times-Picayune, (New Orleans' print newspaper) about Katrina's political storm that continues to unfold. You can read Editor and Publisher's comments on the article here. You can read the Time-Picayune's actual letter in their online edition here.

Of course, at the time of Katrina's actual landfall, Mr. Bush was on vacation at his Crawford Ranch. He spends lots of time on vacation in Crawford, and rarely interrupts those vacations; however, when Congress rushed through the Terri Schiavo bill in record speed, Mr. Bush abruptly interrupted his vacation to personally fly back to Washington D.C. to sign that bill at 1:00 a.m. Yet, while New Orleans flooded, where was Mr. Bush? Why wasn't he immediately flying back to Washington D.C. to oversee recovery efforts? Once again Mr. Bush was AWOL.

When is the time, by the way, to discuss what went wrong? As I sit and watch nonstop coverage of Katrina and its political aftermath, one administration official after another sings the mantra, now is not the time to point fingers. There will be plenty of time later to review what when wrong. Well, I say NOW is the time to begin asking those questions. To America's free press, I say do your duty, and don't give Mr. Bush and those whose
incompetent policies led to this fiasco a free pass. Let's have some measure of responsibility and accountability here.

If you did not watch today's Meet the Press, you should certainly read the transcript, which is here. Again, more of the "now is not the time to discuss our failure mantra", from Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff. There is also a heart breaking account from
Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard of government's failure in Katrina's aftermath. If you can, you should really watch a re-broadcast. If you can't, you should download the podcast here and listen to these mindnumbing exchanges.


Blogger none said...

also, it took Bush not time to come on tv and express sadness at the passing of an old judge, but thousands of Black Americans dying of hunger, thirst and treatable injuries did not wrest him from his stupor

10:36 AM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Renata, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would add the adjective "thoughtless" to Mr. Bush's stupor.

10:50 AM  

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