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Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Oppose The Miers Nomination

The conservative cacophony rises in opposition rather than support of Mr. Bush's nominee to the High Court. A different George, Mr. Will has another devastating column (Defending the indefensible) on Ms. Miers here. Right thinking thinkers (led by George Will) all over the country are in open rebellion against their non thinking "right" but apparently not conservative enough Mr. Bush. I'm not much of a "thinker", and many folks do not view me as conservative; however, I am now opposing the Miers' nomination, even though initially I felt she at least deserved a hearing. The evidence is overwhelming, yea . . .even clear and convincing that she is simply in over her head.

She can't keep her law license current. She can't fill out the Senate questionnaire sufficiently to placate even the Republican majority. She has questionable, and extremely limited constitutional understanding. Ms. Miers does not measure up to constitutional muster.

A list of some of the "thinkers" and bloggers in general coming out in opposition to Mr. Miers is being compiled here. Others, in no particular order include: George Will; Jonah Goldberg; Chalres Krauthammer. Other Bloggers are also coming out against Ms. Miers, some even having a Miers withdrawl watch.


Blogger Lone Ranger said...

As a conservative, I'm opposed to the Miers nomination. We had to shoot a hell of a lot of Democrats to end the crime of slavery in this country. Since we have evolved as a people to the point where it is considered distasteful to put a musket ball between the eyes of an abortionist, we will have to go through the courts to end the crime of abortion. Harriet Miers does not look like she has the steel to get the job done.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Lone Ranger--or Kemo Sabe, as a "conservative" did you mean to suggest to stop the killing of babies, we need to kill the abortionists? Just how far have we evolved? Regardless, Ms. Miers' lack of qualifications has deeper significance than how she would vote on any given case. She adds nothing to the Court, and in fact likely detracts from it. We are in agreement I think, she does not belong there.

9:36 PM  

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