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Saturday, October 01, 2005

LDS General Conference Take 175

Today is the 175th Semi Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Why semi annual you ask...well, because the annual conference is held in April. So, every six months the Church meets in general conference, which emmanates from Salt Lake City. At conference, Church members and the world at large, for those tuning it, are instructed by modern Prophets, Seers & Revelators on all manner of information, spiritual, and practical for everyday life. The first link above will take you to a site where you can listen live if you are so inclined. I try and listen to most of conference; however, as with all things in life, some elements are more to my liking and interest than others. Significant about this conference is that it commemorates the 175th anniversary of the Church, since founded in 1830 by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

In conjunction with this conference and the accompanying celebration of the Church's founding is a new biography Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling (Knopf, 730 pages, $35) by Richard Bushman. I haven't yet had an opportunity to read this biography, it just came out; however, I anticipate starting the volume within the next few days. It is supposed to be the definitive biography on the Prophet thus far written.

There are at least two open conference threads on two of the more widely read LDS Blogs. These are the closest I have found to any actual live blogging of the LDS conference. You can read them at Millennial Star, and also at Times and Seasons, both excellent LDS Blogs where you could literally spend hours reading about LDS issues and discussions.


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I love the church!!!

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