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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Live Blogging Second Session of Conference

I've never live blogged anything; but, I'm going to try at least part of this session. I don't know if I'll be able to do the entire session. We'll see how far I get, and how accurate! Please be kind.

Young men's women’s choir from Bountiful, Woods Cross and Salt Lake Utah provided the music

Elder Faust conducts this session of conference

1:01 p.m. Elder Faust welcomes all to conference

The choir sings Awake and Arise:

Choir sounds great, and looks even better. The women are multi colored in their dress--very impressive.

1:07 p.m. Elder Faust extends greetings to all present, on the net, and watching at various buildings around the world

1:07 p.m. Elder John H Groberg offers the opening prayer

1:08: Choir Sings again:

They (the young women) look like the fall mountain sides of Utah, and other locations that actually have seasons. Very well done! Why are the young men confined to dark suits, ties, and white shirts? I really like the color of the young women side of the choir.

1:12 p.m. President Monson presents the General Authorities of the Church for a sustaining vote.

First Presidency Sustained

1:13 p.m. Quorum of 12 sustained--camera pans across each Apostle as names read.

1:14 p.m. First Presidency and Quorum of 12 sustained as Prophets, Seers, Revelators

1:14 p.m. Some of Quorum of Seventy released, thanked, and placed as emeritus status members of that Quorum

1:15 p.m. New members of 2d Quorum of Seventy sustained; Area Seventies sustained.

1:16 p.m. Other General Authorities sustained as presently constituted. All sustained unanamiously.

1:17 p.m. Dallin H. Oaks addresses conferece:

Priesthood Authority in the Family and Church

Father died when he was seven. Raised by widowed mother. Ordained a deacon, and she was very pleased to again have priesthood in the home. He was puzzeled because his mother still presided in home, called on others for prayer.

Neighbor was abusive to his family. Wife walked behind husband to church. Sister Oaks angry.

Elder Oaks decries priesthood abuse and authority today in relationship between husbands and wives.

Some single women who have been abused, think this is male abuse, and suspicious any priesthood authority. This is in error. Don't forgo electricty because one appliance is bad.

Scriptures describe priesthood authority, but don't explain what principles apply just to family or to Church or both.

Programs in family and Church. Service to one is service to the other. When families are strong the Church is strong. The two run in parallel. Church should not intervere with family time, and Family time should not interfer with Sacrament Meeting.

If all families more perfect, the Church could sponsor fewer activities. So there is a special need for special Church activities. Elder Oaks mother saw the benefits of Church programs, for her fatherless son, i.e., Scouting.

Priesthood is power of God used to bless all His children, both male and female. Men are NOT the priesthood. Priesthood meeting is a meeting of men who hold the priesthood. Priesthood blessings available to men and women alike.

Priesthood authority just happens to be exercised by men, by devine decreee.

Sis. Oaks continued to preside over her own family after husband's death, while Priesthood holders presided over the church.

All Priesthood authority in Church is exercised under the appropriate authority holding the keys.

Family priesthood exercised without need to obtain authority to exercise the keys. Family councils, family blessings, home evenings, etc.

Priesthood authority to baptize, however, is exercised only with permission from those in authority. This falls to the Church exercise of Priesthood authority.

Church callings always temporary. Family relationships always current.

Head of family lacks family to adjust family relationships. Church relationships can change. Relief Society President can be released. But the Bishop can't release husband and wife. Family relationships more enduring than Church relationships.

Government of Church by Heirarchy; family by Patrichary. Husbands and wives though are equal partners. Marriage is a full partnership, per President Kimball. Wives are not silent partners, per President Kimball. President Kimball decried priesthood abuse of authority, i.e., I hold the Priesthood and you must obey. This is wrong.

Christ treated women consiterately. Men must exercise priesthood authority per D & C 121:41-42. Love unfeigned, with love and kindness.

Family proclamation quoted.

Gentleness and persuasion very important, as described in section 121. Single women's experieince with Priesthood authority only within government of Church. She doesn't experience priesthood authority of husband.

Church theology centers on the family. We are spirit children of heavenly parents. Church is family centered church. We are distressed with world's misunderstanding of marriage and childbearing. Family nature is eternal. Elder Oaks mother continued to honor her deceased husband.

Looking toward future and reuniting of families. Testifies of Christ

Jeffery Holland 1:35 p.m.

Recently aware he had a teen aged grandchild. Raising them is harrowing but important. We are very proud of our teens. They face great temptations, yet they strive to do right. He praises our youth, and expresses his pride.

Young women are focus of Elder Holland's remarks. Be proud you are a woman. Feel the reality of what that means. You are spirit daughter of Heavenly parents. This knowlege should be fundamental in every decision you make. God knows your name, your circumstance, your hopes, dreams, frustrations, and knows what you can become. You have full equality in God's sight. You have right to become joint heirs with God and Christ.

Christ taught all he taught both to men and women. Young women are sanctified investiture, per Elder Talmadge. The world needs you.

If you live beneath your potential, we express even greater love for you. Prophets and apostles, and parents only want what is best in your life. Don't be a slave to the world's lower fashion standards. The Churdh will always declare standards. One such standard is modesty, which is always in fashion. Our standards are not socially negotiable.

Strength of Youth pamphlet quoted on proper choice of clothing. Parents, please review with your youth.

Sunday dress--should be best dress. LDS chapel is House of Lord. Clothes need not be expensive. But, it should not appear we are on the way to the beach. When we arrive to partake of the sacrament, we should be as dignified as we can be. We should be true diciples of Christ. We should be meek, and lowly of heart.

Please be more accepting of yourselves, including body shape and style. Don't think you need to look like someone else. You can't live your live that the world is staring at you--they are not. Don't give away your power. Always listen to your innner self. The real inner you is more precious than Rubies.

Adult women, you are the greatest examples and resource for our young women. If you obscess over a size two, so will the youth. Eat right, exercise, but remember optimum health. There is no optimum size. The world has been brutal in this regard. Looks are not everything as the world teaches. They teach if you look good enough you will be popular and happy. Too often too much is done to the body to meet these illusory standards of the world. We mutilate our bodies to try to climb this slippery slope.

We are fixated on the self. This is destructive. We shouldn't remodel everthing that can be remodeled, by nipping, tucking, and implanting wherever possible. Great and spacious make up kit (laughter from audience) would be required to keep up with the world of glamour and fashion . . .but it would never be enough.

Much said in entertainment media about reality shows. I don't know what that is; however, this is reality: The Father and Son did appear to Prophet Joseph Smith, called by God from your very age group. These Divine Beings actually spoke to the Prophet Josephy. This was real! This was just a real as the Doubting Thomas' experience.

God is our Father. Jesus Christ is His begotten in the flesh. This is God's Kingdom on the earth. President Hinckely a true Prophet leads Christ's Church today.

1:51 p.m. Choir and congregation sing High on a Mountain Top

1:53 p.m. Benjamin De Hoyos Quorum of the Seventy

Happiness is purpose of the Gospel. Book of Helaman quoted Chapter 3:27-30.

Making correct decision leads us to happiness, even in difficult circumstances. Father Lehi warned ancient Israel, and they sought to take his life.

Story of Bro. Valdez, about whether he should continue to work for cigarette factory, in anticipation of baptism. He quit, and was offered a new job the same day. He made a correct decision leading to happiness.

Happiness is a condition of the soul. Happiness is the object an ddesing of our existence, per Joseph Smith. After struggling to get to promised land, Nephi summarized that they lived after the manner of happiness. Mosiah 2:41 quoted. Those who keep commandments will be happy. We need to live in such a way to be happy, i.e., keep the commandments.

Come unto me, per Christ's admonition to us all. He testifies of Christ and his Divinity, restoration of the Church, and the comming forth of the Book of Mormon, and also of President Hinckely today.

2:00 p.m. Elder C. Scott Grow Quorum of Seventy. He served a mission in Mexico. Most elders were from the U.S. One of his towns made mostly of adobe, with dirt floors, and very little possessions. One family even had no shoes. Yet they sold everything they had to travel to the Mesa Temple to be sealed.

Mexico now has over 100 stakes and 1 million members. Lehi prophesied of this long ago in the Book of Mormon. Mexico and other Latin American countries have decedents of lands long ago, to whom Christ appeared. Christ is light of the world.

Arise and shine forth that thy light may shine forth. Christ is that light. We also offer additional light from Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ.

President Hinckely has challenged us to re-read Book of Mormon this year in honor of the Prophet Joseph who was told his name would be known the world over for good or for evil, which prophecy has come to pass.

Story of a young man named Jesus in Mexico. He grew up wanting to join the Church, but was told he had to wait for the missionaries to contact him. When he took the lessons he was captivated by the story of Christ coming to the Americas. Some years later he had further contact with the missionaires. He read the Book of Mormon and was converted. Yet, he lost 12 years in waiting for the Gospel to come into his life. Today Jesus Santos is president of Monterey, Mexico Temple.

The Book of Mormon is its own witness to all. It bears witness that God is again gathering Israel. Who do we know who might respond to an invitation to read the Book of Mormon. Don't wait--ask. The Book of Mormon is means by which all nations will be gathered into the Church. Christ is the Savior. This is His Church and Kingdom.

2:10 p.m. Elder Paul K. Sybrowski Quorum of the Seventy

Book of Mormon quiz with family. Enos went into forrest to hunt, but without success in terms of food, but spiritually was found. We should seek after the one who is lost. Parable of the 99 related.

Since Adam's fall, we are all in a lost and fallen state. His grandparents were baptized per missionary discussions. But within one generation activity was lost. He was invited to primary, and then eventually Priesthood meeting.

Lloyd Bennet was his scoutmaster. He took time for the one. Take time to find one more. Look to the one in the corner who you may not have considered. Like Enos while in Fort Ord he came away found as a result of prayer. He was to serve a full time mission.

Christ came into the world to redeem his people and take upon him their sins. Isaiah saw our day. Behold I will set up my standard to the people through the Gentiles. We have been carried on arms and shoulders to safety.

If Christ had my opportunities what would he do? (This is a very powerful question personally) Remember the one, and try to bring him/her to Christ.

He recalls his mission which was important to him. Young men you can and should prepare to serve a mission. Sisters also can help build the Kingdom, as can seniors. We need you all to help bring all to the knowledge of the Truth. We must act and do. We must labor diligently. We must follow our impressions. Would we ask someone to listen to a prophet? What about tommorrow at conference?

Is grateful to again serve. Testifies of the Gospel's restoration. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. God lives, and Jesus is the Christ our reedmeer. Like Enos, I must declare the word of Christ.

2:18 p.m. Elder Faust resumes stand to remind us brethern of Priesthood at 6:00 p.m. Utah time. Also he reminds us Sunday's conference. He thanks the young men and women's choir.

ElderHenry Eyring Quorum of the Twelve 2:19 p.m.--The importance and relevance of the Family Proclamation. (Read this it's important!)

We have seen the tradegy of the recent storms. We ask how can we prepare? There is an imporant preparation we can make more important than temporal provisions. We need spiritual preparation. We need to have developed Faith in Christ so that we can pass the test of life. This is the purpose of God in the Creation. We will prove them (meaning us) to see whether we will hearken to and obey God's commands during the storms of life. The real test is whether we will choose the right.

Power of evil would have us surrender to temptations around us. The test of life is very hard. Nevertheless we are free to choose for ourselves eternal life, or the alternative. It takes unshakable faith in Christ to pass life's test. Only through this faith can we resist temptation and have Christ's atonement apply to us.

We will need to have prepared long before life's storms in order to pass the test. We need to decide now whether to obey. We should start early and be steady.

Four settings to spiritually prepare:

1. Feast on word of God

Read Book of Mormon before end of the year. If we procrastinated (like I have) the number of pages increased. It's important to start as soon as the command comes to obey. (One of my major problems). We need to act quickly on commands of Holy Ghost. Go to the scriptures early and consistently. We will be better prepared for the upcoming spiritual storms. We can then drink often and deeply from the Book of Mormon

2. Pray always.

We do this so that we will not over come. We can also build our faith by praying daily. God always answers our petitions and prayers. We will gain the faith to go back again and again to pray and receive further light and knowledge. Christ's example in the Garden is instructive. He prayed not only to accept the Father's will, but to do the Father's way.

3. Be a full Tithe Payer

We should not wait until the annual tithing settlmement. It takes faith to pay promptly, and without procrastination. If we are faithful, blessings will flow through the year, as well as now.

4. Resist Temptation.

The best time to resist is now. Choose quickly to repent if and when we do fail. Seek forgiveness now rather than later. Repent as we go along, and exercise faith. Resisting temptation will also build faith. If we are prepared we shall not fear. We must decide to obey and then do it. We can decide now to do quickly what God asks of us. This will carry us though the great tests to come..

Testifies of Christ, and his Atonement, and Ressurection. Testifies of Book of Mormon and its truthfullness. Testifies of Restoration. God can give us the power to do what he asks of us. Let us obey the Lord quickly, always, in quite times and in storms.

2:35 p.m. Elder Russel M Ballard Quorum of the Twelve

Several brethern and he had visited hurrican victims in Gulf Coast. Most touching was the crying out for family. What we care about most are our families. This will be even more important when we leave this life for the next. Everyone is a member of God's family.

This year is 10 year anniversary of Proclamation of the Family. It is a stern warning in the world of misplaced priorites of undermining the basic unit of the family. It was ahead of its time, and calls for priority and emphasis on families. Traditional marriage is important. The proclamation stands in contrast to the world's confusion about families.

Marriage between man and woman is ordained of man of God. Gender is an essential characterist of the eternities. Children are entitled to mothers and fathers who honor their marital vows. The family is the fundamental unit of society.

All are to hold fast to this great proclamation. It should be like the Title of Liberty. The Proclamation applies to everyone. Yet, modern culture ignores family.

Definition of family is expanded beyond any recognition. Rampant materialism and selfishness teach families and children are a milstone. These are both false.

Families across the world, across cultures and faiths feel the importance of the family. The world needs to know what the Proclamation teaches. Families will also be the basic unit of the next life. This truth is rooted in Restored doctrine.

Before this life we lived as a family in the heavens. We know families can also extend beyone death. Families who have family as a priority will gravitate toward the Church. Nothing more important than how we love and support one another within the family.

The Church is the Kingdom of God on Earth. In Heaven it will be the family as the basic unit. We are released from Church callings. We will never be released from families.

There is no happiness without service. No greater service than home and family per Joseph F. Smith.

1. Be consistent in holding daily prayer and family home evenings.

2. Teach gospel and basic values in the home.

Reach the scriptures together. Learn and teach basic values in the home. The family is where this should take place. Be wise and don't become too busy in outside activites.

3. Create meaningful family bonds.

This can be done through dinner times, traditions, family policy rules with clear expectations and consequences. Teach to avoid debt. Teach to be self reliant. Put families first.

We call on the media to be more family supportive. We call on government to put needs of family and children first. We call on internet providers to protect families and children from filth and sleeze. We call on Church members to love others in different faiths. We help ourselves when we help families. As we do, we fulfill the measure of our creation.

2:53 p.m. Choir sings the closing hymn.

Just as a personal observation I have never understood better, or received a greater depth of information from a conference session than this one, as I paid more close attention to what was said than any in recent memory. I should blog each session if only for my own edification. I was particularly impressed by Elder Ballard's discourse on the Family Proclamation. Greater Truth has not been spoken. I'll now try and go back and clean up the typos and incomplete sentences.

Good session!

Closing Prayer 2:56 p.m.


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