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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dutch Oven Cooking

One of my hobbies is dutch oven cooking. On Saturday, a friend of mine, went north to Paso Robles country to demonstrate a new Camp Chef product, the Ulitmate Turkey Roaster (photo left). It is essentially an oversized dutch oven. For those who are unfamiliar with dutch oven cooking, here are some of my favorite dutch oven links here, here, here, here, here, and here. There are lots more; but, these are the ones I frequent the most.

I've posted a series of photos I took at our little cookout here. Feel free to stop by and take a look. You can see how we cooked a 19 pound turkey in about two hours using the turkey roaster and a one burner stove, both Camp Chef products. I don't work for Camp Chef, but I do like their dutch ovens. The store where we demonstrated our turkey cooking carries these and other products. You can find them at Delta Liquid Energy in Paso Robles, located at 1960 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles, CA, (805) 239-0616.

The turkey turned out quite well--you can see the photos at the link above. It was very moist, not too brown--but certainly well done and tasty.

For other dutch oven creations, here's a photo of a chicken and dumplings dish we did on a recent scout camp out at the beach. This was all cooked with charcoal heat in a traditional dutch oven, and took about an hour, possibly a little more. It too was very, very good.

And, for dessert, on other occasions I have made a chocolate cake to die for. This one is a photo of the finished product, in the lid of the dutch oven after cooking and frosting. This hobby is lots of fun, and results in lots of great food!


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