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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iraq's Sunnis Now Change Their Tune

From today's Los Angeles Times, on why the once Hated Americans need to remain occupiers of Baghdad:

Two years ago, doctor Riyadh Adhadh cursed the U.S. soldiers who had overrun his homeland, toppled the Sunni-dominated government and tormented prisoners at Abu Ghraib. A member of the city council, he loudly demanded that American troops leave Baghdad.

Last week, his Sunni Arab neighborhood under attack by Shiite militiamen, Adhadh found himself huddled over the telephone in panic, begging the U.S. Embassy to send American soldiers.

The moment of bitter irony for the 52-year-old father of six is emblematic of a sharp shift in Iraqi opinion. Three years after the March 2003 invasion that ousted Saddam Hussein, with the threat of civil war looming, leaders of a nervous Sunni Arab minority have started to drop demands for an immediate U.S. withdrawal.
My how times have changed in Baghdad. But the real kicker to me is Adhadh's quote:

"We've changed our ideas," Adhadh said. Iraq's current government, dominated by Shiites, has been "abusing people more than the Americans," he said. "Iraqi security is the responsibility of the Americans. They have established this type of government — this will be written in history. We are living in a jungle."
Nope! Iraqi security is the responsibility of the Iraqi's. They need to step up and take responsibility for their own future. They have voted for their current government. The fact the abuse has changed from one group to another is of no import. They've been living in a jungle for decades. We need to support our troops, and bring them home. Let the Iraqis deal with Iraq!


Blogger Ian said...

In a perfect world, yes, Iraquis are responsible for Iraq. The reality is that we have completely pummeled their infrastructure and a one legged stool won't stand up by itself. For the time being, we are responsible for them.

I hope that this problem is fixes soon however.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Ian, I think, even in an imperfect world, which of course is the world in which we find ourselves, Iraqi's are responsible for Iraq. Their infrastructre wasn't all that great before the war. I just don't think the Iraqi people, economy, infrastructure, or anything else is worth one more drop of American blood. Like you, I hope the problem is resovled soon; however, I don't see how that is possible until we get out, and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

I am torn.

I really think that we shouldn't have been there. I think that we should really get out.

At the same time, what would happen if we just pull out? I think that things will implode into a Civil war. A bad one. Things will be worse of than under Saddam. More and more innocents will die.

This leaves the question. What should they do? (I think I'm going to quit saying "we" since I had no part in it.)

11:23 AM  

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